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It's your holiday too, mom

The holiday season gets a bad reputation as being stressful for moms. Sure, when it comes to juggling the pressures of making the holiday perfect for your children and hosting family there can be a lot on your plate.

However, a full plate does not need to equal stress. Reframing how you look at a situation is one the most powerful ways to achieve happiness. According to Psychology Today, reframing helps us to use whatever life hands us as opportunities to be taken advantage of, rather than problems to be avoided.

If your family has arrived in town, replace the stress of hosting with the joy of having some extra hands with the kids for a few days.

There is no such thing as a perfect holiday. Getting caught up in everything going right is what makes the holiday season so stressful. It’s okay if the tree is a little lopsided or the guest room isn't completely ready.

Things are going to go array and that is just going to have to be ok. Instead of worrying about what could be going wrong, this is a time to celebrate what goes right.

Did your family arrive safely? Are your children healthy? Is everyone in good spirits?

Family Traditions

When it comes to family traditions, it can be easy to fall into what you have always known. Yes, it is important to hang onto some family traditions and introduce them to your children, but unknowingly you put pressure on yourself to pull off your favorite childhood Christmas.

You want your children to experience the same joy and magic that you did, and there is nothing wrong with that, but don’t be afraid to try new things and create your own traditions.

Of course, you don’t need to reinvent the holiday, but you can start small. Maybe change when presents are opened or switch up how the tree is decorated. Small things can make the holiday your own just as much as something big, like opting for a pink tree instead of a traditional green.

Rest! It’s your holiday too

Even if you need to write it into your planner, make sure to allow yourself some “me” time during this busy season. This is not just a full “on-duty” holiday for you.

It’s easy to feel selfish for taking such time to ourselves, but remember that you don’t do your family any good if you’re grumpy and burnt out. Just being well rested and energized can make a world of difference.

Treat yourself to your favorite holiday drink on the way home.

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