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Postpartum Medicaid Coverage Expands for GA Moms

In exciting news for new moms across the state, both of Georgia's legislative bodies voted unanimously earlier this month to give final approval to legislation that would double the amount of time eligible new mothers can receive Medicaid. Currently, the state of Georgia does provide postpartum coverage under Medicaid for six months, and the bill would increase this coverage to a full one year following birth. When signed and approved, it would become law, effective July 1.

Referencing Maya T. Prabhu, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (April 6, 2022):

Senate Bill 338 would extend the amount of time low-income Georgia mothers can receive benefits under Medicaid, the public health program that provides care to the poor and disabled, from six months to one year after the birth of a child. The move comes two years after lawmakers extended the benefits from two to six months. The Senate unanimously passed SB 338 in February.

“We are still having a problem with maternal mortality, and many of the illnesses are not found in that first six months period,” House Health and Human Services Chairwoman Sharon Cooper, R-Marietta, said while presenting the bill on the floor Monday, the final day of the legislative session.

The state of Georgia ranks #1 in maternal mortality. Medicaid expansion in the state means that more moms will be able to access the critical resources, support and care at the most vulnerable time in their pregnancy journey. Additionally, the full year timeline will help ensure that both mom and baby can continue to pursue a healthy and safe lifestyle post-delivery.

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