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A message from TruDiary Founder:

Veronica Berry

While carrying my son, I struggled to navigate the different aspects of pregnancy and experienced multiple challenges during and after childbirth. But it wasn't until my son was misdiagnosed with a life threatening condition that I realized healthcare for Black America has not changed in 20 years, and this is especially true for Black women who are dying from maternal complications at higher rates than that of their counterparts. A lack of access to key health literacy information and resources is a big reason why.

We wanted to make a difference in the lives of BIPOC women, so we created a solution that offers culturally appropriate health literacy that saves lives, ensures women's voices are heard and creates a lining of safety before, during and after pregnancy. TruDiary is closing the maternal health gap for BIPOC women.

If you're interested in learning more about our services, resources, and how we are impacting local communities, JOIN US TODAY!!

-Veronica Berry

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Our Community

From the beginning, TruDiary, Inc. has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible community of passionate moms and those in the birthing community. We are focused on creating a space for moms to be the change we all need to see in the space of maternal health.

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